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To check government growth, deploy ‘ambition to counteract ambition’ (paraphrased from James Madison – key architect of US Constitution).

For example, budget cutting needs to significantly benefit part of the government.

We vote on too much; more than the vast majority can stay informed about.

Crony Capitalism deterrent.

Cap the rate of spending growth.

Reform entitlements: we’ve promised too much.

Put the ‘loyal’ back into loyal opposition.

No-bailout clause: so Feds can’t bail out irresponsible states

A less parochial Congress; serious problems arise if all politics is local; maybe have a mixture of district and at-large representation.

Tighten up the 10th amendment.

Narrow the commerce clause.

Clarify ‘uniform taxation.’

Most of those (above) are Article V (US Constitution) issues.

State-level: transformational “School System Reform” – politically-correct schooling has not, and cannot, deliver the informed, wise people needed for a republic to perform acceptably; to survive.

Governance Reform Issues

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