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The history of ideas shows, again and again, that even the most brilliant thinkers typically grasp only part of the truth; a fuller understanding comes only after a clash of ideas with others.” — Thomas Sowell


That’s why IOPA aims to package diverse perspectives into objective, insightful policy assessments.  IOPA will do that by revealing the potential for bias, supplementing that effort with external comment/reply, and by presenting research findings from diverse perspectives, including through online conversation forums.  The latter will also provide the opportunity for continuous Q&A.  IOPA hopes that process defines areas of consensus and the legitimate grounds for informed disagreement.


Why should you donate money to IOPA when there are established, high-class organizations already out there?  Inertia creates blind spots, so we need players to fully explore some new ideas in new ways, and shake things up.  Groupthink and ‘Not Invented Here’ (NIH) are serious impediments to new ideas.  That, and the USA is in its current dire circumstances despite, or because of, the existing think tank line-up.